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When you look to buy insurance for your home, do you want to guarantee that your home will be rebuilt?

We can help!


     Homeowners Insurance is required by mortgage companies.  Many will request coverage to match the loan amount.  However, that may be too much insurance.  Your land will not burn.  We use a replacement cost estimator to determine how much insurance you need to rebuild your home.  You may choose to insure that amount, or go with an extra percentage above replacement (for cost overruns), or opt for a contract with guaranteed replacement.  The options are yours.

     We can provide coverage for you home, your rental home, or renters insurance. 


Questions about Homeowners Insurance

1.  What causes homeowners insurance to go up?

     Some companies use credit scores as an additional factor in their rates.  You claim history has an impact on your rate.   

2.  My rate is going up, and I didn't have any claims, why?

     Rates are comprised of more than just your individual history, they are take into account, the claims in your zip code, and your state.

3.  Why do companies periodically inspect homes?

     Usually the companies are checking on maintenance of the property.  If your roof is worn out; it needs replaced.  If you don't replace it (normal maintenance), you'll eventually have rain damage and try to claim it.  A company could turn the claim down.

4.  My dog has bitten someone, but I'm not getting rid of her, what do I do?

     Some companies will issue you a policy that excludes the liability for a dog bite.  A great number of claims have been paid for dog bites, and you assume the financial responsibility to pay for injuries etc. caused by your dog.

5.  I pay my insurance through the mortgage, what do I do when I change companies.

    You must send written notification to your current company.  The old company will send you a refund check:  send that money to your mortgage company for your escrow or your mortgage payments will go up.


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