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     We provide insurance for restaurants, excavation, tree work, auto repair, HVAC, plumbing, electricians, dump trucks, and many more types of business.  It includes the workers comp, the general liability, umbrella coverage, commercial auto, and your equipment.

     Call us if you're interested in a quote.  We provide same day service for certificates of insurance (on week days).    

Questions about Business Insurance

1.  Am I required to carry workers comp?

     In Virginia, if you have more than 2 employees, you need workers comp.  Whether they are all part-time or full-time doesn't matter.  Once you hit 3, it is required.     

2.  My rate is going up, and I didn't have any claims, why?

     Rates are comprised of more than just your individual history, they are take into account, the claims in your zip code, and your state for your type of business.

3.  Why is commercial auto slightly higher than personal car insurance?

     Companies take into account that you will have different drivers for the commercial vehicle.

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